NBA Finals 2013, 7 Games or Less (San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat)

James, Wade, Lewis, Allen and Bosh - "The Big 5"

Miami Heat’s “Big Five”, September 2012
(courtesy of @kingjames on Twitter, @brandonweems10 on Instagram,
September 29th, 2012)

Don’t bother me until the Summer Solstice.

Or the first day of summer.

Or until the Miami Heat wins the NBA Finals, aka June 21st, if it takes that long. Until then, I’ll be watching my boys double up on their championship status.

For those of you who haven’t bookmarked the NBA Finals game schedule for the match up between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, your resource is below.

Looking forward to an ever-so-exciting finals and back-to-back (White Hot!) championships.


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Game 1: SAS at MIA | Thu., Jun. 6, 9:00 PM ET | ABC
Game 2: SAS at MIA | Sun., Jun. 9, 8:00 PM ET | ABC
Game 3: MIA at SAS | Tue., Jun. 11, 9:00 PM ET | ABC
Game 4: MIA at SAS | Thu., Jun. 13, 9:00 PM ET | ABC
Game 5: MIA at SAS | Sun., Jun. 16 | ABC | If Necessary
Game 6: SAS at MIA | Tue., Jun. 18 | ABC | If Necessary
Game 7: SAS at MIA | Thu., Jun. 20 | ABC | If Necessary

Miami Heat Advances to Round 2 in the 2013 NBA Finals #HeatWin

@MiamiHeat's timeline on Twitter, 8:18pm April 21st, 2013. 4th quarter of Round 1 in the NBA Finals.

@MiamiHeat’s timeline on Twitter, 8:18pm April 21st, 2013. 4th quarter of Round 1 in the NBA Finals.


I think it’s safe to say the Miami Heat are advancing to round 2 in the 2013 NBA Finals.

I can’t help but have a déjà vu from college at this moment. Just like a student should be cramming for a big exam they’ve been dreading over (8am comes pretty quick when you’re pulling an all-nighter), I’m working. Comparative market analysis. Counter-offers for sellers. Looking for killer deals on a home for a buyer. Even looking for a new home for us personally. Yeah, life of a Florida Realtor.

I’m completely  consumed by the Heat Game.

So play on, @DwyaneWade, @KingJames, and @chrisbosh. You (continue to) make your fans proud.

Looking forward to round 2 and another visit to the Final Four.

… and that’s game. #MilvsMia. 110-87. #HEATWIN. #WHITEHOT!!

by: @brokerEXCLUSIVE

photo: @MiamiHeat timeline on @Twitter