Bucket List: Realtor.com Pro “Realtor of the Day” [check!]

Hundreds. Thousands. [Hundreds of thousands?] of Realtors® all over the world share and market their listings on social media marketing daily.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. Snapchat. Just a few of the favorite avenues that help get you and your seller’s goods in front of a seemingly limitless global audience at the click of a button.

Likes. Loves. Favs. Double-taps. Comments. Shares. Retweets. Just a few ways for people to show you some love, support and straight up help you to boost your goods to the top of the their news feeds or timelines to help you to increase your visibility among their network to get your listing in front of an even bigger audience and hopefully, a potential customer.

Receiving this kind of love and support on social media is always exciting, encouraging and more often times rewarding – I mean, who doesn’t love leads, referrals and new potential customers – right?

In the small little part of the world known as Houseman & Co, this ultimate compliment was given to us today, as we had the opportunity to be featured as the “Realtor of the Day” with Realtor.com Pro®. Not only was our b-e-a-utiful condo in the desirable Harbor Walk Condominium with stunning sunrise and sunsets views from 3 balconies featured as the listing of the day, our Realtor.com profile was also featured on the main page of their Instagram profile. Basically, in the world of social media love, likes and shares – this is the upmost compliment to us as a growing team, to our seller, to Coldwell Banker, and to me as a whole.

Thank you, Realtor Pro® for the feature. Thank you! Who knows, maybe my next step will be a co-hosting a commercial [in plain English] with Elizabeth Banks?! Yes, please!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.35.03 PM

Post by @RealtorPro on Instagram featuring @HousemanAndCo as their #RealtorOfTheDay

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 4.15.30 PM

@RealtorPro’s profile on Instagram featuring Ashley Houseman’s Realtor.com Profile