Monday Morning in the Life of Ashley Houseman (for David Marine)

Nothing like a fab friend (Sharon Steele, aka the social queen who’s always on her “A” game) posting some stellar vids and blogs to make you realize that your own content is a little stale. After taking on some suggestions, “a day in the life of Ashley Houseman” was (for some reason) a topic of interest.

David Marine, this post is for you:

Monday Morning in the Life of Ashley Houseman (created exclusively for David Marine)

Snooze (x’s 5). Coffee (lots). Emails, scheduling walk-thrus & closings. Burger King (rejected). Starbucks (happily accepted). LEGO MOVIE (x’s 3). Now for naps at Houseman Headquarters so that mommy can get to work!!

**Disclaimer: this impromptu video created exclusively for David Marine is the victim of no makeup, lack of sense of fashion or beautification of any kind. My sincerest apology in advance.**
**Disclaimer #2: this video IS longer than 1 minute by 6 seconds. For a successful video, please note that David Marine recommends 1 minute or less.**


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