The Coast is Clear – Florida is Open for Business

Overshot tool is deployed from onboard the Transocean Discoverer Inspiration on the MC252 location July 10, 2010

I couldn’t be more ecstatic to have a topic more exciting than this to share in my first blogging experience  – today BP capped the dreadful oil spill that unleashed into our Gulf waters no more than 3 months ago. 

July 15th, 2010 via: 

Subsea operational update:
The well integrity test on the MC252 well commenced today; full closure of the choke valve occurred at approximately 2:25pm

Currently the well remains shut-in with no oil flowing into the Gulf; any significant change to this operation will be announced via a press release.
For the first 12 hours on July 15 (midnight to noon), approximately 5,875 barrels of oil were collected and approximately 3,430 barrels of oil and 22.5 million cubic feet of natural gas were flared.
For the last 12 hours on July 14 (noon to midnight), approximately 2,040 barrels of oil were collected and approximately 1,230 barrels of oil and 7.4 million cubic feet of natural gas were flared.
We anticipate the next update will be provided at around 9:30am CDT on July 16, 2010.

Updated July 15 at 6:00pm CDT 

 The oil never came close to our beautiful southwest Florida beaches – and as of now  – doesn’t appear to any time soon. 

Now is the time to buy (I did!) as the home prices and mortgage rates are lower than ever.  There is no better time to move here than now; let’s start looking for your little piece of paradise soon.  The coast is clear… Florida is [still] open for business!


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